Customs warehousing and storage of goods

The Customs Terminal of VIGOLIN JSC is located 5 km away from the Muuga seaport, next to the Maardu freight railway station and next to the county motorway, which connects the Terminal with all major Estonian motorways.

The proximity of the port allows for quick and cost-effective reception of cargo arriving in Tallinn by sea and very fast dispatch to its final destination.

The Customs Terminal operates with 20 000 m² covered storage and 40 000 m² open-air storage area.



Stevedoring Operations


The main functions of the Terminal are: transshipment, storage, transport and customs clearance of general cargo in bags, boxes, crates, drums, coils and other packages, as well as various types and kinds of metals and metal products: sheets, bundles, coils, coils and all kinds of pipes and profiles.

In addition to the main functions, the Terminal has extensive experience in the following cargo operations:
  • consolidation of consignments from different suppliers for further dispatch to one consignee,
  • packing and repacking,
  • marking,
  • labelling,
  • bundling,
  • repacking,
  • fastening,
  • certified weighing,
  • sorting.
The customs area has the status of a customs terminal.
The warehouses are accepted by the insurance company and fulfil all EU requirements for the storage of foodstuffs. The warehouses are equipped with road and railway loading ramps.


Storage and cargo control


Storage of foodstuffs is allowed only in warehouses accepted by the veterinary service (Foodstuffs Act of the Republic of Estonia Toiduseaduse RT I 2002, 13, 81). Our warehouse was accredited in 2002 (Order no. 67 of 12/03/2002).

Since all our warehouses fully comply with all veterinary and sanitary norms, a veterinary inspector checks the condition of all storage and working premises once a year, and a report is drawn up.
Monthly, on the basis of a contract, a specialised company carries out activities related to the detection and control of insects and rodents. 1-2 times a year the customs authorities carry out an inventory.
All plant cargoes are subject to control by the quarantine service. The plant quarantine service issues an inspection act for each arriving consignment at the warehouse.
On the basis of this act, re-export certificates are issued when the consignment is dispatched.

The customs warehouse is responsible for the safety of the cargo before the customs authorities and the cargo owner.
In this regard, weekly inventories are carried out at all our warehouses.
All warehouses are sealed after working hours.

Security System

The security of the Customs Terminal is ensured by three security belts.
All warehouses are equipped with fire alarms.
The territory of the Terminal is under the control of modern electronic security equipment and video surveillance.
There is also a security unit, whose employees make regular rounds of the territory, control fences, windows, doors, etc.
The service performed by the Terminal is based on high guarantees of quality and reliability of all works and operations.

Head office in Estonia


Narva mnt. 82, 10150 Tallinn Estonia
Phone: +372 605-56-51
Fax: +372 605-56-50

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Office in the Netherlands


Tomorstraat 56, 2022RH, Haarlem, The Netherlands