Inernational forwarding and logistics

Logistics is multifaceted - it is the art of competences, the art of calculations, the art of procurement and management. The ability to use all the subtleties of this art and many years of experience are the key to our successful work.

VIGOLIN JSC, as a coordinator and with its well-developed infrastructure, brings together the various interrelated types of logistics in the areas of transport, warehousing, commercial and information logistics.

Guided by the main criterion - timeliness and maximum efficiency of all participants of the process, we offer our clients the optimal solution to any problem. We realise this goal by addressing a wide range of corporate measures, namely:
  • A strict system of regulation of information and material resources,
  • A well-functioning system of operative planning of works,
  • Forecasting of transport and storage volumes,
  • Reduction of transport costs by organising transport in economical batches.
Calculations are always based on individual customer requirements and cargo specifics.
Our specialists are ready to help you choose the most convenient and acceptable delivery route and storage method.
We offer solutions that include various ways of transporting goods by sea, rail and road using a wide network of our own customs and conventional warehouses on a door-to-door basis.

Depending on the task, we will provide documentary assistance, including the necessary reporting on the condition of the cargo, accounting of cargo quantities with the preparation of various types of reports, certification of the cargo in accordance with current customs requirements in the EU, counselling and preparation of accompanying documents.

Using our own, well-equipped warehousing facilities for customs and conventional storage of goods, we provide our customers with a variety of options for handling goods.
Our stevedoring team will unload and load containers, cars, railway wagons.
All our transportations are covered by freight forwarder's liability insurance.

International railway transport

Cargo transportations by rail justify themselves in case of bulk shipments over long distances, reducing the cost of goods delivery in comparison with other means of transport.

VIGOLIN JSC performs shipments by railway freight wagons to all regions of the Baltic and CIS countries, Russia, and provides:
  • Safe and high quality loading into all types of railway wagons
  • Safeguarded carriage in covered wagons, gondola wagons, platforms
  • Collective shipment in boxcars
  • Development of schemes of stowage and fastening of bulky and heavy goods
  • Tracking of cargo on the way


Automobile International transport

Delivery of cargoes by road transport is one of the widespread types of cargo transportation, both internationally and domestically.
The main advantage is timeliness and efficiency.
We will perform qualitatively road transportations in the shortest possible time.
Availability of our own fleet of vehicles complying with Euro-3, Euro-4, Euro-5 standards in combination with reliable partners, on the basis of long-term co-operation, allow us to offer a wide geography of transportations in Europe, Baltic States, Russia and CIS.

The nomenclature of cargoes of our road transportations is diverse, for example, we have accumulated sufficient experience in transportations with:
  • liquid cargo,
  • oversized cargoes,
  • containers,
  • ADR cargo,
  • various raw materials for food industry, metallurgical and machine-building plants.
We perform cargo insurance on the way in leading insurance companies in EU and UK.
We perform all road transportations with the use of TIR-CARNET (TIR Carnets) under the terms of CMR insurance (carrier's liability insurance).

Mixed transportations

Mixed transport - delivery of goods using several, at least two modes of transport.
Coordinating the actions of each participant in the process, our management staff will organise and "connect" in a single chain of different transport links from the sender to the recipient.
Constant control over the movement of goods, cost analytics, consideration of all positive and negative aspects in existing projects, and many years of experience allow us to make the right decisions and offer each of our partners an efficient logistics scheme at competitive rates.

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